In an ever-evolving news landscape, staying informed about significant events is crucial. Here are the top headlines dominating the USA news cycle in July 2024. These stories cover a range of topics from political developments and legal battles to health concerns and extraordinary events, reflecting the dynamic nature of current affairs in the United States.

Today Top 10 USA News

1-Joe Biden’s Campaign Update: President Biden remains firm in his decision to run for re-election despite increasing calls from within the Democratic Party for him to step aside​ (9News)​​ (Bing)​.

2-Boeing’s Legal Issues: Boeing has agreed to a plea deal to avoid a criminal trial over the 737 Max crashes, admitting to a fraud charge​ (9News)​.

3-Jon Landau’s Passing: Jon Landau, the Oscar-winning producer known for his work on “Titanic” and “Avatar,” has died at 63​ (9News)​.

4-Fireworks Accident in Utah: Multiple injuries were reported after malfunctioning fireworks veered into a crowd during a Fourth of July celebration at a Utah stadium​ (9News)​.

5-Case of Bubonic Plague: A case of bubonic plague has been detected in the U.S., with health officials investigating the incident​ (Bing)​.

6-Shark Attacks on Independence Day: Two people were bitten by a shark during Fourth of July celebrations, with another person injured while trying to help​ (Bing)​.

7-Napoleon’s Suicide Attempt Guns Auctioned: The guns used in Napoleon Bonaparte’s suicide attempt were sold at auction for $2.7 million​ (9News)​.

8-Legal Battle Over Titanic Exploration: The U.S. government is pushing back against a company’s bid to retrieve artifacts from the Titanic wreck​ (9News)​.

9-NASA Astronauts’ Press Conference: NASA astronauts stuck on the ISS due to Boeing Starliner issues are set to give a press conference​ (Bing)​.

10-High-Tech Weapons in Ukraine: The performance of American high-tech weapons in Ukraine is being closely scrutinized, with some proving less effective over time​ (Bing)​.

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